Friday 5 May 2023

Thank You For Your Kindness

Hello Everyone Thank You For Your Kind Messages About Albie
We Miss Him So Much & Hope He's Having A Great Time In Rainbow Bridge

As For Me & The Blog I Hopefully Be Back Soon
Just Being Busy With DIY Work Around The House & Garden

Hope To Hear From You's And All Soon



Anonymous said...

Take your time Aid00,
we all need it sometimes.
We' ll be here as long as you decide to return.

Dusty said...

Remember Dusty Springfield After recording her album Reputation on abby road in 1990 There was this on the the back of the album when released

To Malaysia
My late cat, who waited 'til' I did finished singing before losing
a battle with a car in England's green and pleasant land.

May the great litter box in the sky have room for us all.

Chris R said...

So sorry to read about your wonderful kitty. Hopefully you take comfort in having provided a loving forever home.

Anonymous said...

Much needed time for yourself, hope you feel better.
Good to read the supportive comments too, much deserved by someone helping us to find music.
Good times wait ahead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! It's hard losing a beloved pet... I imagine he helped you a lot with this blog. Yeah, a change of scenery is good, and the endless supply of work around the house is sure to make your family happy. But the loss, there is no consolation. I once (actually this happened a few times) had a kitten show up at my door, I knew he was exceptional when we met, he was a real pistol, but in time he grew to be a guru cat and always bestowed his great wisdom. I feel blessed that he found me, but I wish it didn't have to end. I will always miss him as well as those other kittens that showed up at my door. I will make sure to play The Divine Comedy's "The Dogs and The Horses" in your honor.

MShida said...


Anonymous said...

Be comfortable with the thought that he is now in a better place:
the Cat heaven with the almighty cat god and can eat tons of tuna fish everyday for eternity, And there are lots of nice kitties for his pleasure.
If he was a sinner he will now be in dog heaven, but i reckon he was a nice animal from the pictures. My cat Caruso died last year and maybe he will join him for pint of milk...