Thursday, 23 February 2023

Albie 2011-2023

Albie 2011-2023

Hello Everybody
Since Yesterday Morning We Are Utterly Heartbroken And Devastated Of The Passing Of A Beloved Are Darling Sweet Boy Albie
Back July 2011 Albie Came Into Your Driveway Looking For Food. After About Two Weeks Trying To Fine Out If He Have A Hone
We Took Him In His New Forever Home.
He Was So Warm & Friendly & Fun Boy.
But Back October 2022 We Found Out He Have All Sorts Of Tumors
But After Medical Special Treatments He Was Losing The Fight To Carry On &
Unfortunately He Had Put Him To Sleep
For Now We Are So Broken With Pain & Sorrow For Your Lost
And For Now  I Must Take Time Out & Grieve For My Beloved Albie

A Message To Albie
Thank You So Much For A Being A Wonderful Pet 
We Will Always Remember & Never Forget You 

So Much LOVE