Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Donate Or Not To Donate

Thanks To Everybody Who Voted & Comments 
On This Issue 
It Was 50/50 All The Way
So I Will Drop The Donations Links
Thanks To All Who Donation 
And I Will Refund All Donations
Thanks Again Aid 00


Anonymous said...

I'd donate in person only (if we ever meet up for a pint) for I just can't trust the internet with money transactions.

Anonymous said...

What about Paypal?

Isn't the biggest risk that because you're taking money for this, you're more likely to attract unwanted attention?

Dandyboy said...

I'd be happy make a donation, given the amount of gaps in my collection you've helped plug. But that other comment from the 9th makes a fair point, if there's any changing of money taking place it may be deemed to be making money from the sale of copyrighted material, and that *might* be a whole lot heavier than having some files taken down.

Aid00 said...

Hello Dandyboy Every Single Cent Will Be Spend On Buying CD'S For The Blog & I Can Guarantee I Won't Make Any Porfit,I'm Here Not To Make Any Gain From This,Just Here To Make The Blog Bigger & Better,But I Here When Your Coming From

Anonymous said...

Just my two cents:

Asking for money is a very bad idea. No matter how noble your heart is, you are taking money in exchange for other peoples copyrighted work. It changes this from a labor of love, sharing music, to outright piracy, if not clearly theft.

Personally I don't have any moral qualms about it, but I guarantee you many, if not most, musicians would. (I am a working musician, fwiw.)

And as to not making "profit": you're getting money and using it to buy records. What do you suppose most of us music fiends do with whatever "profits" we make from jobs, etc.?

Iano1 said...

I can see where you are coming from but I agree with everybody else! More alarm bells will be ringing around you. You do seem to get shut down quite often as it is.

Woody said...

I'd be happy to donate. You do so much good work on your blog that I've benefited from time and time again, that I'd like to donate and buy you several pints. After all, all this work must have made you thirsty.

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