Sunday, 22 March 2015

Paris Angels Perfume 1990' & 1991' CD Singles

Paris Angels Perfume 90'

Paris Angels Perfume 91'

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Iano1 said...


Sam Buster said...

Great track, but sadly both links are dead.
I'd love to hear the original 1990 version - I have a well-worn copy of the '91 release.
Hope you don't mind me requesting a re-up, please?

Aid00 said...

Hello Sam Buster New Links Up & Running

Sam Buster said...

And thanks again, Aid00.
It's good to hear all these versions, properly labelled after seeing them just listed as "Perfume" on various compilations albums. Funnily, I think All On You (Perfume) is my favourite of these. The original is very interesting though - a lot more raw and indie.

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