Saturday, 6 September 2014

Duran Duran Come Undone UK 2CD & US CD2 Single As Requested By Cren

Duran Duran Come Undone UK CD1

Duran Duran Come Undone UK CD2

Duran Duran Come Undone US CD1

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Dandyboy said...

My favourite Duran Duran song (maybe apart from Do You Believe In Shame and The Chauffeur), nice one!

Cren said...

OMG Awesome. Anytime I have a craving for a little something, you not only satisfy that hunger, but you prepare a feast... In this case the full smorgasbord! Thank you. You never cease to amaze.

Cren said...

Really enjoying the posts! Do you happen to have the Perfecto Mixes of Duran's "Out of My Mind" rattling around your archives anywhere?

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